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文章来源:admin    时间:2018-10-26

  World Cyber Games have officially announced the signing of a Memorandum1 of Understanding with Qujiang New District of Xi'an, China to hold the finals from July 18 - 21, 2019.   世界电子竞技大赛正式宣布,与西安曲江新区达成谅解备忘录,中国将于2019年7月18日至21日举办WCG赛事。   According to the Memorandum, Xi'an was selected as its venue2 for WCG 2019 finals and the city of Xi'an will provide full support for the successful operation of the event.   "I am very pleased to announce that Xi'an will partner with WCG to host one of the most successful global esports festivals next year. Xi'an will spare no effort for the success of WCG 2019" an official of the Qujiang New District of the Xi'an Municipal People's Government said.   "We are preparing a wide array of entertainment programs in addition to its game tournaments to regain3 and solidify4 the glory of WCG as the leading global esports festival."   Chairman of WCG Committee Kwon, Hyuk Bin5 said, "I extend my sincere gratitude6 to the Qujiang New District of Xi'an, the birthplace of the ancient Chinese civilization with an amazing historical heritage, for deciding to support WCG's plan to showcase various aspects of the future digital culture to audiences from all over the world."   Debate is currently ongoing7 about whether or not eSports should be included in the Paris 2024 Olympics.   It is already set to be included in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.
1 memorandum      n.备忘录,便笺 参考例句:
  • The memorandum was dated 23 August,2008.备忘录上注明的日期是2008年8月23日。
  • The Secretary notes down the date of the meeting in her memorandum book.秘书把会议日期都写在记事本上。
2 venue      n.犯罪地点,审判地,管辖地,发生地点,集合地点 参考例句:
  • The hall provided a venue for weddings and other functions.大厅给婚礼和其他社会活动提供了场所。
  • The chosen venue caused great controversy among the people.人们就审判地点的问题产生了极大的争议。
3 regain      vt.重新获得,收复,恢复 参考例句:
  • He is making a bid to regain his World No.1 ranking.他正为重登世界排名第一位而努力。
  • The government is desperate to regain credibility with the public.政府急于重新获取公众的信任。
4 solidify      v.(使)凝固,(使)固化,(使)团结 参考例句:
  • Opinion on this question began to solidify.对这个问题的意见开始具体化了。
  • Water will solidify into ice if you freeze it.水冷冻会结冰。
5 bin      n.箱柜;vt.放入箱内;[计算机] DOS文件名:二进制目标文件 参考例句:
  • He emptied several bags of rice into a bin.他把几袋米倒进大箱里。
  • He threw the empty bottles in the bin.他把空瓶子扔进垃圾箱。
6 gratitude      adj.感激,感谢 参考例句:
  • I have expressed the depth of my gratitude to him.我向他表示了深切的谢意。
  • She could not help her tears of gratitude rolling down her face.她感激的泪珠禁不住沿着面颊流了下来。
7 ongoing      adj.进行中的,前进的 参考例句:
  • The problem is ongoing.这个问题尚未解决。
  • The issues raised in the report relate directly to Age Concern's ongoing work in this area.报告中提出的问题与“关心老人”组织在这方面正在做的工作有直接的关系。

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