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  The U.S. tech giant Apple saw its stock price plunging1 more than 9 percent in early trading on Thursday after the company issued lower guidance for fiscal2 2019 first quarter.   苹果降低2019年第一季度营收预期,此举导致周四早盘苹果股价下跌9%。   In a letter to investors3 from CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday, the company lowered revenue guidance to 84 billion U.S. dollars, down from the 89-93 billion dollars range it had previously4 projected.   The gross margin6 stood at approximately 38 percent, according to the letter, also lower than previous estimate.   Apple attributed the lowered guidance to four main factors, namely the timing7 of iPhone launches, a strong U.S. dollar, constrained8 sales of products including Apple Watch Series 4 and iPad Pro5 among others, and economic weakness in some emerging markets.   Cook also said in the letter that fewer carrier subsidies9, price increases based on the strength of the U.S. dollar and cheaper battery replacements10 caused the weak iPhone upgrades for the quarter.   Apple shares traded as low as 142.81 dollars apiece, or nearly 10 percent lower on Thursday, registering a 52-week low. The company's stock price hit 52-week high three months ago at 233.47 dollars apiece.
1 plunging      adj.跳进的,突进的v.颠簸( plunge的现在分词 );暴跌;骤降;突降 参考例句:
  • War broke out again, plunging the people into misery and suffering. 战祸复发,生灵涂炭。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • He is plunging into an abyss of despair. 他陷入了绝望的深渊。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 fiscal      adj.财政的,会计的,国库的,国库岁入的 参考例句:
  • The increase of taxation is an important fiscal policy.增税是一项重要的财政政策。
  • The government has two basic strategies of fiscal policy available.政府有两个可行的财政政策基本战略。
3 investors      n.投资者,出资者( investor的名词复数 ) 参考例句:
  • a con man who bilked investors out of millions of dollars 诈取投资者几百万元的骗子
  • a cash bonanza for investors 投资者的赚钱机会
4 previously      adv.以前,先前(地) 参考例句:
  • The bicycle tyre blew out at a previously damaged point.自行车胎在以前损坏过的地方又爆开了。
  • Let me digress for a moment and explain what had happened previously.让我岔开一会儿,解释原先发生了什么。
5 pro      n.赞成,赞成的意见,赞成者 参考例句:
  • The two debating teams argued the question pro and con.辩论的两组从赞成与反对两方面辩这一问题。
  • Are you pro or con nuclear disarmament?你是赞成还是反对核裁军?
6 margin      n.页边空白;差额;余地,余裕;边,边缘 参考例句:
  • We allowed a margin of 20 minutes in catching the train.我们有20分钟的余地赶火车。
  • The village is situated at the margin of a forest.村子位于森林的边缘。
7 timing      n.时间安排,时间选择 参考例句:
  • The timing of the meeting is not convenient.会议的时间安排不合适。
  • The timing of our statement is very opportune.我们发表声明选择的时机很恰当。
8 constrained      adj.束缚的,节制的 参考例句:
  • The evidence was so compelling that he felt constrained to accept it. 证据是那样的令人折服,他觉得不得不接受。
  • I feel constrained to write and ask for your forgiveness. 我不得不写信请你原谅。
9 subsidies      n.补贴,津贴,补助金( subsidy的名词复数 ) 参考例句:
  • European agriculture ministers failed to break the deadlock over farm subsidies. 欧洲各国农业部长在农业补贴问题上未能打破僵局。
  • Agricultural subsidies absorb about half the EU's income. 农业补贴占去了欧盟收入的大约一半。 来自《简明英汉词典》
10 replacements      n.代替( replacement的名词复数 );替换的人[物];替代品;归还 参考例句:
  • They infiltrated behind the lines so as to annoy the emery replacements. 他们渗透敌后以便骚扰敌军的调度。 来自辞典例句
  • For oil replacements, cheap suddenly looks less of a problem. 对于石油的替代品来说,价格变得无足轻重了。 来自互联网

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