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  China's telecoms tech giant Huawei unveiled its first chipset for 5G base stations at a launch in Beijing on Thursday.   华为周四在北京发布首款5G基站芯片组。   According to a report on, Huawei claims that the core chip, called the "Tiangang", is 2.5 times more powerful than current chipsets. Huawei said that 90 percent of the base stations on the market can be upgraded to the new 5G chip without the need to change the power supply. They also claim that by using the new chip, the weight of a base station can be cut in half.   The telecommunications equipment maker1 announced that it had shipped over 25,000 5G-capable base stations globally.   AFP has reported that Huawei has also launched a 5G-capable modem2 onto the market, called the Balong 5000.
1 maker      n.制造者,制造商 参考例句:
  • He is a trouble maker,You must be distant with him.他是个捣蛋鬼,你不要跟他在一起。
  • A cabinet maker must be a master craftsman.家具木工必须是技艺高超的手艺人。
2 modem      n.调制解调器 参考例句:
  • Does your computer have a modem?你的电脑有调制解调器吗?
  • Provides a connection to your computer via a modem.通过调制解调器连接到计算机上。

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