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  Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) giant Baidu has decided1 to set up an AI cloud computing2 center in the northern Chinese city Baoding in its latest efforts to build more smart cities.   百度决定在保定建立一座AI云计算中心。   The AI cloud computing center is super-large in scale and will serve users in the Xiongan New Area and other places in north China by leveraging4 its mega pool of data and high-performance computing power, according to a strategic cooperation MOU inked Thursday by Baidu and the government of Baoding city, Hebei Province.   The Baoding center will be Baidu's second mega cloud-computing center after the landmark5 one in Shanxi Province's Yangquan City. The two centers are physical manifestations6 of the firm's AI-based artificial neural7 network Baidu Brain.   The two parties also work on using AI technologies to improve traffic monitoring and management to turn the city into a pilot for smart transport development.   The partnership8 is part of Baidu's "ACE3" program launched last November, which aims to promote autonomous9 driving, connected roads and efficient cities.   More scenarios10 and opportunities will be explored to apply AI in urban development, said Baidu founder11 and CEO Robin12 Li, who reset13 the company's vision last month, aiming to turn the company into a world-class high-tech14 firm that not only understand users, but also provides products enabling personal growth.
1 decided      adj.决定了的,坚决的;明显的,明确的 参考例句:
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
2 computing      n.计算 参考例句:
  • to work in computing 从事信息处理
  • Back in the dark ages of computing, in about 1980, they started a software company. 早在计算机尚未普及的时代(约1980年),他们就创办了软件公司。
3 ace      n.A牌;发球得分;佼佼者;adj.杰出的 参考例句:
  • A good negotiator always has more than one ace in the hole.谈判高手总有数张王牌在手。
  • He is an ace mechanic.He can repair any cars.他是一流的机械师,什么车都会修。
4 leveraging      促使…改变( leverage的现在分词 ); [美国英语]杠杆式投机,(使)举债经营,(使)利用贷款进行投机 参考例句:
  • De-leveraging is a painful process: it has barely begun. 去杠杆化是个痛苦的过程:它才刚刚开始。
  • Archimedes said, saying: Give me a fulcrum, I can leveraging the Earth. 阿基米德说过一句话:给我一个支点,我可以撬动地球。
5 landmark      n.陆标,划时代的事,地界标 参考例句:
  • The Russian Revolution represents a landmark in world history.俄国革命是世界历史上的一个里程碑。
  • The tower was once a landmark for ships.这座塔曾是船只的陆标。
6 manifestations      n.表示,显示(manifestation的复数形式) 参考例句:
  • These were manifestations of the darker side of his character. 这些是他性格阴暗面的表现。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • To be wordly-wise and play safe is one of the manifestations of liberalism. 明哲保身是自由主义的表现之一。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
7 neural      adj.神经的,神经系统的 参考例句:
  • The neural network can preferably solve the non- linear problem.利用神经网络建模可以较好地解决非线性问题。
  • The information transmission in neural system depends on neurotransmitters.信息传递的神经途径有赖于神经递质。
8 partnership      n.合作关系,伙伴关系 参考例句:
  • The company has gone into partnership with Swiss Bank Corporation.这家公司已经和瑞士银行公司建立合作关系。
  • Martin has taken him into general partnership in his company.马丁已让他成为公司的普通合伙人。
9 autonomous      adj.自治的;独立的 参考例句:
  • They proudly declared themselves part of a new autonomous province.他们自豪地宣布成为新自治省的一部分。
  • This is a matter that comes within the jurisdiction of the autonomous region.这件事是属于自治区权限以内的事务。
10 scenarios      n.[意]情节;剧本;事态;脚本 参考例句:
  • Further, graphite cores may be safer than non-graphite cores under some accident scenarios. 再者,根据一些事故解说,石墨堆芯可比非石墨堆芯更安全一些。 来自英汉非文学 - 环境法 - 环境法
  • Again, scenarios should make it clear which modes are acceptable to users in various contexts. 同样,我们可以运用场景剧本来搞清楚在不同情境下哪些模式可被用户接受。 来自About Face 3交互设计精髓
11 Founder      n.创始者,缔造者 参考例句:
  • He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school.他被称颂为佛罗伦萨画派的鼻祖。
  • According to the old tradition,Romulus was the founder of Rome.按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。
12 robin      n.知更鸟,红襟鸟 参考例句:
  • The robin is the messenger of spring.知更鸟是报春的使者。
  • We knew spring was coming as we had seen a robin.我们看见了一只知更鸟,知道春天要到了。
13 reset      v.重新安排,复位;n.重新放置;重放之物 参考例句:
  • As soon as you arrive at your destination,step out of the aircraft and reset your wristwatch.你一到达目的地,就走出飞机并重新设置手表时间。
  • He is recovering from an operation to reset his arm.他做了一个手臂复位手术,正在恢复。
14 high-tech      adj.高科技的 参考例句:
  • The economy is in the upswing which makes high-tech services in more demand too.经济在蓬勃发展,这就使对高科技服务的需求量也在加大。
  • The quest of a cure for disease with high-tech has never ceased. 人们希望运用高科技治疗疾病的追求从未停止过。

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