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  India's first semi-high speed train, the Vande Bharat Express, broke down on Saturday.   印度首列半高铁“范德·巴拉特快车”周六发生故障。
    The snag was detected near the Tundla junction1 in Uttar Pradesh, around 200 km away from New Delhi.   "The train began making a weird2 noise Saturday morning after which its breaks jammed in one of the trailing coaches. Four coaches turned dead load, forcing loco pilots to halt," railway officials said. "The train was making its way back to New Delhi, from where it was launched yesterday."   Following the snag, the passengers on board, including railway officials and journalists, were shifted to a different train.   Railway ministry3 officials said the train would begin its commercial run from Sunday.   "India's first semi high speed train Vande Bharat Express completed its inaugural4 trip to Varanasi and returned back to New Delhi. Looking forward to its regular run from tomorrow," a railway ministry statement said.   The engineless train, formerly5 known as Train 18, was flagged off on Friday from the New Delhi railway station for its inaugural journey to Varanasi. It had hit a top speed of 130 km per hour in its first journey.
1 junction      n.连接,接合;交叉点,接合处,枢纽站 参考例句:
  • There's a bridge at the junction of the two rivers.两河的汇合处有座桥。
  • You must give way when you come to this junction.你到了这个路口必须让路。
2 weird      adj.古怪的,离奇的;怪诞的,神秘而可怕的 参考例句:
  • From his weird behaviour,he seems a bit of an oddity.从他不寻常的行为看来,他好像有点怪。
  • His weird clothes really gas me.他的怪衣裳简直笑死人。
3 ministry      n.(政府的)部;牧师 参考例句:
  • They sent a deputation to the ministry to complain.他们派了一个代表团到部里投诉。
  • We probed the Air Ministry statements.我们调查了空军部的记录。
4 inaugural      adj.就职的;n.就职典礼 参考例句:
  • We listened to the President's inaugural speech on the radio yesterday.昨天我们通过无线电听了总统的就职演说。
  • Professor Pearson gave the inaugural lecture in the new lecture theatre.皮尔逊教授在新的阶梯讲堂发表了启用演说。
5 formerly      adv.从前,以前 参考例句:
  • We now enjoy these comforts of which formerly we had only heard.我们现在享受到了过去只是听说过的那些舒适条件。
  • This boat was formerly used on the rivers of China.这船从前航行在中国内河里。

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