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  China customs has suspended the clearance1 of canola imports from Canadian company Richardson International Limited and relevant firms after harmful pests were discovered in their imports.   中国海关撤销理查森国际有限公司以及相关公司的油菜籽清关许可,因中方在油菜籽中检出危险性有害生物。   The suspension of clearance involves their canola imports shipped from March 1, according to a warning notice issued Thursday by the General Administration of Customs (GAC).   The warning will be valid2 until further notice, GAC officials said.   The move is taken to protect China's agriculture production and ecological3 safety, the GAC said.   Local custom offices of Huangpu, Dalian, Nanning and Shenzhen had recently detected harmful pests including Pseudomonas syringae, the GAC said and suggested that they strengthen quarantine on Canadian canola imports and report the results to the GAC.   The GAC will evaluate the results, timely adjust warning measures and inform local canola import firms.   The GAC said it had canceled Richardson's and other relevant firms' registration4 to ship canola to China and briefed the Canadian Food Inspection5 Agency about the situation.
1 clearance      n.净空;许可(证);清算;清除,清理 参考例句:
  • There was a clearance of only ten centimetres between the two walls.两堵墙之间只有十厘米的空隙。
  • The ship sailed as soon as it got clearance. 那艘船一办好离港手续立刻启航了。
2 valid      adj.有确实根据的;有效的;正当的,合法的 参考例句:
  • His claim to own the house is valid.他主张对此屋的所有权有效。
  • Do you have valid reasons for your absence?你的缺席有正当理由吗?
3 ecological      adj.生态的,生态学的 参考例句:
  • The region has been declared an ecological disaster zone.这个地区已经宣布为生态灾难区。
  • Each animal has its ecological niche.每种动物都有自己的生态位.
4 registration      n.登记,注册,挂号 参考例句:
  • Marriage without registration is not recognized by law.法律不承认未登记的婚姻。
  • What's your registration number?你挂的是几号?
5 inspection      n.检查,审查,检阅 参考例句:
  • On random inspection the meat was found to be bad.经抽查,发现肉变质了。
  • The soldiers lined up for their daily inspection by their officers.士兵们列队接受军官的日常检阅。

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