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文章来源:admin    时间:2019-03-13

  The first aircraft in China developed by a private company, the Guanyi GA20, has undergone a successful test flight in Zhejiang Province, reports   中国第一架由私营公司研发的飞机“冠一GA20”在浙江省成功试飞。
    Developed by Shanghai-based Guanyi General Aviation, the GA20 is a four-seat, single-prop design.   As part of Monday's 57-minute test flight, the GA20 conducted a stall test, a stability test and controllability test.   Guanyi General Aviation is going to have to conduct as many as 300 test flights before the GA20 can be certified1 by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.   Guanyi says it expects to conclude its certification sometime in 2020, with 5 additional test aircraft currently being built.   The company says it hopes to manufacture as many as 200 GA20s per-year by 2022.   It's going to be marketed for flight training, personal use and sight-seeing.
1 certified      a.经证明合格的;具有证明文件的 参考例句:
  • Doctors certified him as insane. 医生证明他精神失常。
  • The planes were certified airworthy. 飞机被证明适于航行。

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