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  The Jack1 凯发k8娱乐登录Ma Rural Teacher Award ceremony was held in Sanya, South China's Hainan province, on Sunday.   “马云乡村教师奖”颁奖典礼周日在海南三亚举行。
    Among those at the event, themed "Back to the Classroom", were Alibaba Group Chairman Ma, National Excellent Teacher Zhu Aichao, president of the Palace Museum Shan Jixiang, Olympic champion Hui Ruoqi, 100 rural teachers and 20 rural headmasters.   At the award ceremony, plans for the rural boarding school model rooms Ma advocates will be released. Ma will continue to discuss the rural boarding school plan with 100 entrepreneurs.   Ma has awarded this prize to rural teachers every year in Sanya since 2015.
1 jack      n.插座,千斤顶,男人;v.抬起,提醒,扛举;n.(Jake)杰克 参考例句:
  • I am looking for the headphone jack.我正在找寻头戴式耳机插孔。
  • He lifted the car with a jack to change the flat tyre.他用千斤顶把车顶起来换下瘪轮胎。

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