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  The European Union (EU), China and Germany should work together to maintain an open global economy, former German Chancellor1 Gerhard Schroeder said on Monday.   德国前总理施罗德周一表示,欧盟、中国与德国应当共同努力维持开放的全球经济。   The world is in an era of uncertainty2 "more profound than any uncertainty for decades," said Schroeder in an opening speech at the Hamburg Summit, calling on China and Germany to strengthen political and economic cooperation.   The biennial3 Hamburg Summit, which was initiated4 by the Hamburg Chamber5 of Commerce in 2004, serves as an important platform for discussing China-EU economic cooperation. Schroeder is the forum's honorary chairman.   "The 'America First' stance will bring about changes for all of us -- in trade policies, as well as in foreign and security policies," Schroeder told the two-day event.   Schroeder stressed that the rules-based international order that has been built up since World War II is under strain.   "We have witnessed attacks on international trade and the system that supports it, which is based on the free flow of goods and capital," Schroeder said.
1 chancellor      n.(英)大臣;法官;(德、奥)总理;大学校长 参考例句:
  • They submitted their reports to the Chancellor yesterday.他们昨天向财政大臣递交了报告。
  • He was regarded as the most successful Chancellor of modern times.他被认为是现代最成功的财政大臣。
2 uncertainty      n.易变,靠不住,不确知,不确定的事物 参考例句:
  • Her comments will add to the uncertainty of the situation.她的批评将会使局势更加不稳定。
  • After six weeks of uncertainty,the strain was beginning to take its toll.6个星期的忐忑不安后,压力开始产生影响了。
3 biennial      adj.两年一次的 参考例句:
  • The workers were strongly against the biennial election.工人们强烈反对两年一次的选举。
  • His is a biennial,and one of the most useful pasture plants we have.这是两年生植物,也是我们最有用的牧草之一。
4 initiated      n. 创始人 adj. 新加入的 vt. 开始,创始,启蒙,介绍加入 参考例句:
  • He has not yet been thoroughly initiated into the mysteries of computers. 他对计算机的奥秘尚未入门。
  • The artist initiated the girl into the art world in France. 这个艺术家介绍这个女孩加入巴黎艺术界。
5 chamber      n.房间,寝室;会议厅;议院;会所 参考例句:
  • For many,the dentist's surgery remains a torture chamber.对许多人来说,牙医的治疗室一直是间受刑室。
  • The chamber was ablaze with light.会议厅里灯火辉煌。

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