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  One of the world's oldest and most luxurious1 shopping destinations, Burlington Arcade2, has marked its 200th anniversary in London.   世界最古老最奢华的购物胜地,伦敦伯灵顿拱廊街,举行建立200周年庆祝仪式。
    Gathered in the heart of Mayfair to celebrate the Anniversary, 120 guests including Princess Beatrice of York enjoyed a champagne3 reception on May 8th.   All guests were personally invited by Simon and Jamie Reuben, who purchased the world famous 200-year-old luxury shopping destination in May 2018.   Serving as one of the English capital's most iconic shopping destinations, Burlington Arcade boasts over three million visitors each year and has over 40 luxury boutiques.   The arcade is home to iconic brands such as Chanel, Crockett & Jones, Frederic Malle and The Vintage Watch Company.   The arcade has its own private police force, the Beadles, who were originally appointed when the arcade first opened its doors.
1 luxurious      adj.精美而昂贵的;豪华的 参考例句:
  • This is a luxurious car complete with air conditioning and telephone.这是一辆附有空调设备和电话的豪华轿车。
  • The rich man lives in luxurious surroundings.这位富人生活在奢侈的环境中。
2 arcade      n.拱廊;(一侧或两侧有商店的)通道 参考例句:
  • At this time of the morning,the arcade was almost empty.在早晨的这个时候,拱廊街上几乎空无一人。
  • In our shopping arcade,you can find different kinds of souvenir.在我们的拱廊市场,你可以发现许多的纪念品。
3 champagne      n.香槟酒;微黄色 参考例句:
  • There were two glasses of champagne on the tray.托盘里有两杯香槟酒。
  • They sat there swilling champagne.他们坐在那里大喝香槟酒。

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