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  China's independently-developed large amphibious 凯发k8娱乐官网aircraft, the AG600, has completed trial ground flights and entered a new test phase on the water-surface.   中国自主研发的大型两栖飞机AG600已经完成地面飞行测试,现在已经进入水面测试阶段。
    The AG600, codenamed "Kunlong," successfully finished a trial flight from an airport in the city of Zhuhai, south China's Guangdong Province, to an airport in Jingmen, a city in central China's Hubei Province, on Sunday, according to China Aviation1 Industry General Aircraft Co. Ltd.   The company said that it marked the start of a new journey for AG600 -- a test phase on the water.   The aircraft passed a series of tests since its maiden2 flight last December. Next, it will conduct tests and trial flights on the water, in Jingmen.
1 aviation      n.航空,航空学,飞机制造业 参考例句:
  • Ten years ago,they began to develop the aviation. 十年前,他们开始发展航空工业。
  • Pilots of large aircraft are masters of aviation.大型飞行器的驾驶员是航空学方面的专家。
2 maiden      n.少女,处女;adj.未婚的,纯洁的,无经验的 参考例句:
  • The prince fell in love with a fair young maiden.王子爱上了一位年轻美丽的少女。
  • The aircraft makes its maiden flight tomorrow.这架飞机明天首航。

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