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  An annual campaign to select the 2018 凯发k8娱乐登录Chinese Character and Word of the Year began Tuesday.   2018年度汉字与年度词语的挑选工作已于本周二展开。   The event will select Chinese characters and words, which are popular, newly created, or widely used online this year, according to the organizers, the Chinese National Language Monitoring and Research Center and the Commercial Press.   Held for 13 consecutive1 years, the campaign aims to capture the highlights of 2018 and achievements made by China and the world through the changes of language, the organizers said.   The list of the 2017 Chinese Character and Word of the Year included "new era," "original aspiration," and "the community with a shared future for humanity."   This year's event will run for a month in three stages. From Nov. 20 to Dec. 3, people can submit words on the official website of the Commercial Press and through social media platforms such as Weibo.   Between Dec. 4 and 8, experts will review the words and create a list of candidates, before the public ballot2 opens from Dec. 9 to 19. The results will be announced on Dec. 20.   The event will also select 40 words for the four-decade reform and opening-up.
1 consecutive      adj.连续的,联贯的,始终一贯的 参考例句:
  • It has rained for four consecutive days.已连续下了四天雨。
  • The policy of our Party is consecutive.我党的政策始终如一。
2 ballot      n.(不记名)投票,投票总数,投票权;vi.投票 参考例句:
  • The members have demanded a ballot.会员们要求投票表决。
  • The union said they will ballot members on whether to strike.工会称他们将要求会员投票表决是否罢工。

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