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  France has announced plans to simplify visa procedures, reform tuition1 fees and boost2 English courses at French universities in an effort to more than double the 凯发k8娱乐网址number of foreign students over the next decade.   为在未来10年中将留学生人数增加一倍以上,法国政府近日宣布了简化签证程序、改革大学学费、以及在大学提供更多英语课程等措施。   Unveiling the new measures on Monday, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said increasing the number of foreigners studying in the country would help build French influence overseas.   Home to centuries-old universities such as the Sorbonne in Paris and some leading business schools, France is the world's top non-English speaking student destination, but it ranks behind the United States, Britain and Australia.   The number of foreign students at French universities fell by 8.5 percent between 2011 and 2016 and the country has seen increased competition from Germany, Russia, Canada and China, the prime minister's office said.   "Many countries are already building global attractivity strategies, linking studies, the job market, tourism, which explains the influence of Asia or monarchies3 in the Gulf," Philippe told reporters as he presented the government’s “Welcome to France” plan.   "In this field just as in other economic ones, the world's balance of power is shifting. That's why we need to welcome more foreign students," he added.
1 tuition      n.(某一学科的)教学,讲授,指导,学费 参考例句:
  • Students can apply for individual tuition.学生可以申请个别指导。
  • Is this money enough for the tuition fee?这些钱交学费够吗?
2 boost      n.鼓励,激励,提高;v.鼓励,使增强信心 参考例句:
  • This will be a great boost to the economy.这对于经济发展将是一个巨大的促进。
  • These changes will help to boost share prices.这些变化将有助于提高股票价格。
3 monarchies      n. 君主政体, 君主国, 君主政治 参考例句:
  • It cleared away a number of monarchies. 它清除了好几个君主政体。
  • Nowadays, there are few monarchies left in the world. 现在世界上君主制的国家已经很少了。

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