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  Lebanon's port of Tripoli and Chinese maritime1 transport company Cosco agreed on Wednesday to open a maritime line between China and the port for regular export of Chinese products, local media reported.   黎巴嫩的黎波里港与中国远洋运输集团将开发一条海阳运输线路以出口中国产品。   The line is set to open on Dec. 24, according to the National News Agency.    Tripoli port's director Ahmed Tamer said that Cosco's step came after maritime shipping2 company CMA CGM opened its shipping line between China and the port on Oct. 9.   He added that Tripoli's port will start during the first quarter of 2019 to implement3 a project funded by the Islamic Bank, which will turn the port into a smart electronic facility in the region.
1 maritime      adj.海的,海事的,航海的,近海的,沿海的 参考例句:
  • Many maritime people are fishermen.许多居于海滨的人是渔夫。
  • The temperature change in winter is less in maritime areas.冬季沿海的温差较小。
2 shipping      n.船运(发货,运输,乘船) 参考例句:
  • We struck a bargain with an American shipping firm.我们和一家美国船运公司谈成了一笔生意。
  • There's a shipping charge of £5 added to the price.价格之外另加五英镑运输费。
3 implement      n.(pl.)工具,器具;vt.实行,实施,执行 参考例句:
  • Don't undertake a project unless you can implement it.不要承担一项计划,除非你能完成这项计划。
  • The best implement for digging a garden is a spade.在花园里挖土的最好工具是铁锹。

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