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  China's National Healthcare Security Administration said Wednesday it will soon launch a nationwide campaign to combat medicare fund fraud.   中国国家医保局周三表示,将很快进行一场全国范围内打击诈骗医保的活动。   The administration said the campaign will target medical institutions, drugstores and the insured, focusing on violations1 including the fraudulent use of social security cards and falsification of medical documents.   "The supervision2 and management of medicare funds still need to be enhanced," said Huang Huabo, an official with the administration, responding to two recently exposed cases of medicare fund fraud in Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province.   "The administration will comprehensively enhance its supervision on the funds," Huang said, adding it will improve the supervision mechanism3 and impose tougher punishments.   The administration also encouraged the public to report illegal activities.
1 violations      违反( violation的名词复数 ); 冒犯; 违反(行为、事例); 强奸 参考例句:
  • This is one of the commonest traffic violations. 这是常见的违反交通规则之例。
  • These violations of the code must cease forthwith. 这些违犯法规的行为必须立即停止。
2 supervision      n.监督,管理 参考例句:
  • The work was done under my supervision.这项工作是在我的监督之下完成的。
  • The old man's will was executed under the personal supervision of the lawyer.老人的遗嘱是在律师的亲自监督下执行的。
3 mechanism      n.机械装置;机构,结构 参考例句:
  • The bones and muscles are parts of the mechanism of the body.骨骼和肌肉是人体的组成部件。
  • The mechanism of the machine is very complicated.这台机器的结构是非常复杂的。

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