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  凯发k8娱乐登录China is slated1 to become world's largest theme park market by 2020, when the number of tourists is expected to exceed 230 million, according to a fresh report by U.S. engineering firm AECOM.   美国艾奕康工程公司的最新报告显示,2020年中国将成为世界最大的主题乐园市场,届时游客数量有望超过2.3亿。   The number of tourists to Chinese theme parks have seen an average annual growth of 13 percent in the past decade, and reached 190 million in 2017. The number is expected to keep the double digit2 growth in the following years, according to the report.   The report attributes the rapid growth to Chinese consumers' rising income that sparks greater demands on leisure activities, as well as more convenient public transportation systems.   Despite the large number of total attendance, the report also finds that China has a markedly lower per-capita attendance compared with developed economics.   "These findings demonstrate a significant opportunity for future growth in the Chinese market," said Chris Yoshii, vice3 president for Asia and global director for Leisure and Culture with AECOM.    Geologically, most of the theme parks are in economically developed areas such as south China and east China, with the latter accounting4 for more than 30 percent of the total number, and more parks are being built in central and southwest China, the report shows.   "We are seeing a trend that these theme parks are more in central and southeast China, the projects are shifting to inland from coastal5 areas, as a result of local economic development," said Yoshii.
1 slated      用石板瓦盖( slate的过去式和过去分词 ) 参考例句:
  • Yuki is working up an in-home phonics program slated for Thursdays, and I'm drilling her on English conversation at dinnertime. Yuki每周四还有一次家庭语音课。我在晚餐时训练她的英语口语。
  • Bromfield was slated to become U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. 布罗姆菲尔德被提名为美国农业部长。
2 digit      n.零到九的阿拉伯数字,手指,脚趾 参考例句:
  • Her telephone number differs from mine by one digit.她的电话号码和我的只差一个数字。
  • Many animals have five digits.许多动物有5趾。
3 vice      n.坏事;恶习;[pl.]台钳,老虎钳;adj.副的 参考例句:
  • He guarded himself against vice.他避免染上坏习惯。
  • They are sunk in the depth of vice.他们堕入了罪恶的深渊。
4 accounting      n.会计,会计学,借贷对照表 参考例句:
  • A job fell vacant in the accounting department.财会部出现了一个空缺。
  • There's an accounting error in this entry.这笔账目里有差错。
5 coastal      adj.海岸的,沿海的,沿岸的 参考例句:
  • The ocean waves are slowly eating away the coastal rocks.大海的波浪慢慢地侵蚀着岸边的岩石。
  • This country will fortify the coastal areas.该国将加强沿海地区的防御。

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