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  World Bank Group (WBG) President Jim Yong Kim announced on Monday that he will be stepping down from his position.   世界银行集团行长金墉周一宣布他将离职。   World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva will assume the role of interim1 president effective Feb. 1, the World Bank said in a statement.   Kim's resignation from the World Bank came unexpected as he was appointed to a second five-year term as president of the multilateral development bank in 2016.   Kim first became the 12th president of the World Bank on July 1, 2012. Before this post, he served as president of the famous U.S. academic institution Dartmouth College.   "The work of the World Bank Group is more important now than ever as the aspirations2 of the poor rise all over the world, and problems like climate change, pandemics, famine and refugees continue to grow in both their scale and complexity," Kim said Monday in a statement.   "Serving as President and helping3 position the institution squarely in the middle of all these challenges has been a great privilege," he said.
1 interim      adj.暂时的,临时的;n.间歇,过渡期间 参考例句:
  • The government is taking interim measures to help those in immediate need.政府正在采取临时措施帮助那些有立即需要的人。
  • It may turn out to be an interim technology.这可能只是个过渡技术。
2 aspirations      强烈的愿望( aspiration的名词复数 ); 志向; 发送气音; 发 h 音 参考例句:
  • I didn't realize you had political aspirations. 我没有意识到你有政治上的抱负。
  • The new treaty embodies the aspirations of most nonaligned countries. 新条约体现了大多数不结盟国家的愿望。
3 helping      n.食物的一份&adj.帮助人的,辅助的 参考例句:
  • The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。

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