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  China's biggest liquefied natural gas carrier ship, "Pan Africa," has been delivered at the Hudong Shipyard in Shanghai, reports   看看新闻网报道,中国最大的液化天然气运输船“泛非”号在上海沪东造船厂交付使用。
    The delivery of "Pan Africa," together with its sister ships "Pan America" and "Pan Europe," marks the completion of the construction of three major ships for delivering LNG in China.   "Pan Africa" is 290 meters long and 46.95 meters wide, with a deck area equivalent to 32 basketball courts.   Its mission will be to deliver LNG supplies to countries along the maritime1 silk road.
1 maritime      adj.海的,海事的,航海的,近海的,沿海的 参考例句:
  • Many maritime people are fishermen.许多居于海滨的人是渔夫。
  • The temperature change in winter is less in maritime areas.冬季沿海的温差较小。

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