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  Shanghai will build a big country park as part of its vigorous efforts to improve the environment.   上海将建造一座大型国家公园以改善环境。   The Heqing Country Park in the Pudong New Area is expected to cover an area of 35.7 square kilometers. The first phase, about 13.5 sq km, was approved by the government in early December and is expected to open in 2020, the China Daily reported.   The park, located in Heqing Township, the easternmost area in Pudong, has three key areas, including the Sanjiagang tourism and leisure center, a sports resort designed to host international sports tournaments and a water development center for kayaking.   High-end hotels, seafood1 restaurants and cultural entertainment facilities will be in the park as well.   "Rural parks are an extension of urban parks and represent a trend," said Dong Erwei, director of the China International Center for Leisure and Tourism Research and co-founder of the China International Leisure Research Association.   The construction of Heqing Country Park is regarded as an important step toward solving the shortage of urban parks in the metropolis2, where population expansion inevitably3 leads to a reduction of urban green space.
1 seafood      n.海产食品,海味,海鲜 参考例句:
  • There's an excellent seafood restaurant near here.离这儿不远有家非常不错的海鲜馆。
  • Shrimps are a popular type of seafood.小虾是比较普遍的一种海味。
2 metropolis      n.首府;大城市 参考例句:
  • Shanghai is a metropolis in China.上海是中国的大都市。
  • He was dazzled by the gaiety and splendour of the metropolis.大都市的花花世界使他感到眼花缭乱。
3 inevitably      adv.不可避免地;必然发生地 参考例句:
  • In the way you go on,you are inevitably coming apart.照你们这样下去,毫无疑问是会散伙的。
  • Technological changes will inevitably lead to unemployment.技术变革必然会导致失业。

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