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  Chinese search engine and artificial intelligence (AI) giant Baidu raked in over 100 billion yuan (14.55 billion U.S. dollars) in 2018, the company's CEO announced Wednesday.   百度CEO李彦宏周三宣布,2018年百度赚了1000多亿元(145.5亿美元)。   Robin1 Li, also founder2 of Baidu, called the record-high revenue "a milestone3" for the company, indicating the firm's accelerating growth and dedication4 to serve users, he said in an open letter.   The NASDAQ-listed firm saw its third quarter revenue expand at 27 percent year on year as robust5 user traffic growth boosted its search and feed revenue. Its AI product DuerOS had been installed on about 141 million devices by the end of last September.   Li said AI is penetrating6 all sectors7 and has the potential to help companies weather economic headwind by reducing their costs and upgrading their businesses.   Baidu expected its Q4 revenue to be between 25.48 billion yuan and 26.72 billion yuan, up 15 percent to 20 percent year on year.
1 robin      n.知更鸟,红襟鸟 参考凯发k8官网下载客户端例句:
  • The robin is the messenger of spring.知更鸟是报春的使者。
  • We knew spring was coming as we had seen a robin.我们看见了一只知更鸟,知道春天要到了。
2 Founder      n.创始者,缔造者 参考例句:
  • He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school.他被称颂为佛罗伦萨画派的鼻祖。
  • According to the old tradition,Romulus was the founder of Rome.按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。
3 milestone      n.里程碑;划时代的事件 参考例句:
  • The film proved to be a milestone in the history of cinema.事实证明这部影片是电影史上的一个里程碑。
  • I think this is a very important milestone in the relations between our two countries.我认为这是我们两国关系中一个十分重要的里程碑。
4 dedication      n.奉献,献身,致力,题献,献辞 参考例句:
  • We admire her courage,compassion and dedication.我们钦佩她的勇气、爱心和奉献精神。
  • Her dedication to her work was admirable.她对工作的奉献精神可钦可佩。
5 robust      adj.强壮的,强健的,粗野的,需要体力的,浓的 参考例句:
  • She is too tall and robust.她个子太高,身体太壮。
  • China wants to keep growth robust to reduce poverty and avoid job losses,AP commented.美联社评论道,中国希望保持经济强势增长,以减少贫困和失业状况。
6 penetrating      adj.(声音)响亮的,尖锐的adj.(气味)刺激的adj.(思想)敏锐的,有洞察力的 参考例句:
  • He had an extraordinarily penetrating gaze. 他的目光有股异乎寻常的洞察力。
  • He examined the man with a penetrating gaze. 他以锐利的目光仔细观察了那个人。
7 sectors      n.部门( sector的名词复数 );领域;防御地区;扇形 参考例句:
  • Berlin was divided into four sectors after the war. 战后柏林分成了4 个区。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Industry and agriculture are the two important sectors of the national economy. 工业和农业是国民经济的两个重要部门。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》

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