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  Universities in China have taken the top spot in 11 subjects in recent global university rankings.   最近公布的全球大学排名,中国大学的11个学科位于榜首。   The 2019 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, released by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy on Wednesday, ranks universities according to their performance in 54 subjects across five fields of study: natural science, engineering, life science, medical science, and social science.   Ten Chinese mainland universities took the top spot in engineering subjects, while a university in Hong Kong topped one of the listed social science subjects.   Here are the 11 subjects where Chinese universities took the top spot in the rankings:   - Tsinghua 凯发k8官University: telecommunication1 engineering   - Harbin Institute of Technology: instrument science and technology   - Tongji University: civil engineering   - Jiangnan University: food science and technology   - Beihang University: aerospace2 engineering   - Shanghai Jiao Tong University: marine/ocean engineering   - Beijing Jiaotong University: transportation science and technology   - Wuhan University: remote sensing   - Central South University: mining and mineral engineering   - University of Science and Technology Beijing: metallurgical engineering   - The Hong Kong Polytechnic3 University: hospitality and tourism management   Universities in the United States took most of the top positions in the rankings, taking the lead across 35 subjects. Harvard University was the best performer, taking top spot for 14 subjects.   Zhejiang University was one of the top performers from the Chinese mainland, appearing in the rankings for 46 subjects. Tsinghua University was among the top 10 universities across 11 subjects, and Peking University was ranked on the top 100 lists for 32 subjects.   The Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, an independent higher education research organization, started to publish the Academic Ranking of World Universities by subject in 2009. It sits alongside the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings as the world's most influential4 university rankings.
1 telecommunication      n.电信,远距离通信 参考例句:
  • Telecommunication is an industry of service.电信业是一个服务型的行业。
  • I only care about the telecommunication quality and the charge.我只关心通信质量和资费两个方面。
2 aerospace      adj.航空的,宇宙航行的 参考例句:
  • The world's entire aerospace industry is feeling the chill winds of recession.全世界的航空航天工业都感受到了经济衰退的寒意。
  • Edward Murphy was an aerospace engineer for the US Army.爱德华·墨菲是一名美军的航宇工程师。
3 polytechnic      adj.各种工艺的,综合技术的;n.工艺(专科)学校;理工(专科)学校 参考例句:
  • She was trained as a teacher at Manchester Polytechnic.她在曼彻斯特工艺专科学校就读,准备毕业后做老师。
  • When he was 17,Einstein entered the Polytechnic Zurich,Switzerland,where he studied mathematics and physics.17岁时,爱因斯坦进入了瑞士苏黎士的专科学院,学习数学和物理学。
4 influential      adj.有影响的,有权势的 参考例句:
  • He always tries to get in with the most influential people.他总是试图巴结最有影响的人物。
  • He is a very influential man in the government.他在政府中是个很有影响的人物。

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