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  China's regulation and supervision1 of extracurricular after-school training has expanded to online training programs.   中国对课外培训的规范和监督已扩展到网上培训。   The Ministry2 of Education (MOE), together with five other central authorities, issued new guidelines on online after-school training Monday to specify3 the qualifications, requirements and supervision for such services.   The Chinese government has launched several rounds of inspections4 on physical after-school training institutions since 2018, trying to curb5 extracurricular programs that put children under too much pressure and cause unnecessary competition among students.   As the campaign tightened6, some training providers went online in disguise, according to Wang Ming, deputy director of the National Center for Education Development Research under the MOE.   The new guidelines, therefore, are necessary to promote the healthy development of the Internet plus the education sector7, said Wang.
1 supervision      n.监督,管理 参考例句:
  • The work was done under my supervision.这项工作是在我的监督之下完成的。
  • The old man's will was executed under the personal supervision of the lawyer.老人的遗嘱是在律师的亲自监督下执行的。
2 ministry      n.(政府的)部;牧师 参考例句:
  • They sent a deputation to the ministry to complain.他们派了一个代表团到部里投诉。
  • We probed the Air Ministry statements.我们调查了空军部的记录。
3 specify      vt.指定,详细说明 参考例句:
  • We should specify a time and a place for the meeting.我们应指定会议的时间和地点。
  • Please specify what you will do.请你详述一下你将做什么。
4 inspections      n.检查( inspection的名词复数 );检验;视察;检阅 参考例句:
  • Regular inspections are carried out at the prison. 经常有人来视察这座监狱。
  • Government inspections ensure a high degree of uniformity in the standard of service. 政府检查确保了在服务标准方面的高度一致。 来自《简明英汉词典》
5 curb      n.场外证券市场,场外交易;vt.制止,抑制 参考例句:
  • I could not curb my anger.我按捺不住我的愤怒。
  • You must curb your daughter when you are in church.你在教堂时必须管住你的女儿。
6 tightened      收紧( tighten的过去式和过去分词 ); (使)变紧; (使)绷紧; 加紧 参考例句:
  • The rope holding the boat suddenly tightened and broke. 系船的绳子突然绷断了。
  • His index finger tightened on the trigger but then relaxed again. 他的食指扣住扳机,然后又松开了。
7 sector      n.部门,部分;防御地段,防区;扇形 参考例句:
  • The export sector will aid the economic recovery. 出口产业将促进经济复苏。
  • The enemy have attacked the British sector.敌人已进攻英国防区。

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