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  The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games' icon1 venue2-Water Cube, has transformed into "Ice Cube", which is the world's first Winter Olympic Stadium to create curling ice in a swimming pool.   2008北京奥运会标志性场馆——水立方,已变成“冰立方”,这是世界上首个在游泳池架设冰壶赛道的冬奥会场馆。   In the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, "Water Cube" is set to serve as the curling venue.   The construction of the convertible3 structure of the Water Cube was completed on Tuesday.   Following on from the completion of the major construction, the Water Cube will now finish the renovation4 of sports lighting5, ice-making, and air-conditioning systems in the curling competition venues6 in October, and will hold the China Youth Curling Championship in December to debut7.   With the convertible structure of the ice rink and the removable ice-making system, the venue in the future will have both water and ice functions.   After the ice-making equipment and ice layer are removed, the ice rink can be reduced to a swimming pool.   According to the plan, water sports will take place in spring, summer, and autumn, and ice sports will happen during winter.   After the renovation, the venue will receive an intelligent system upgrade as well. The new intelligence system will effectively monitor the changes in the thermal8, humid and lighting environment in the competition hall.
1 icon      n.偶像,崇拜的对象,画像 参考例句:
  • They found an icon in the monastery.他们在修道院中发现了一个圣像。
  • Click on this icon to align or justify text.点击这个图标使文本排齐。
2 venue      n.犯罪地点,审判地,管辖地,发生地点,集合地点 参考例句:
  • The hall provided a venue for weddings and other functions.大厅给婚礼和其他社会活动提供了场所。
  • The chosen venue caused great controversy among the people.人们就审判地点的问题产生了极大的争议。
3 convertible      adj.可改变的,可交换,同意义的;n.有活动摺篷的汽车 参考例句:
  • The convertible sofa means that the apartment can sleep four.有了这张折叠沙发,公寓里可以睡下4个人。
  • That new white convertible is totally awesome.那辆新的白色折篷汽车简直棒极了。
4 renovation      n.革新,整修 参考例句:
  • The cinema will reopen next week after the renovation.电影院修缮后,将于下星期开业。
  • The building has undergone major renovation.这座大楼已进行大整修。
5 lighting      n.照明,光线的明暗,舞台灯光 参考例句:
  • The gas lamp gradually lost ground to electric lighting.煤气灯逐渐为电灯所代替。
  • The lighting in that restaurant is soft and romantic.那个餐馆照明柔和而且浪漫。
6 venues      n.聚集地点( venue的名词复数 );会场;(尤指)体育比赛场所;犯罪地点 参考例句:
  • The band will be playing at 20 different venues on their UK tour. 这个乐队在英国巡回演出期间将在20个不同的地点演出。
  • Farmers market corner, 800 meters long, 60 meters wide livestock trading venues. 农牧市场东北角,有长800米,宽60米的牲畜交易场地。 来自互联网
7 debut      n.首次演出,初次露面 参考例句:
  • That same year he made his Broadway debut, playing a suave radio journalist.在那同一年里,他初次在百老汇登台,扮演一个温文而雅的电台记者。
  • The actress made her debut in the new comedy.这位演员在那出新喜剧中首次登台演出。
8 thermal      adj.热的,由热造成的;保暖的 参考例句:
  • They will build another thermal power station.他们要另外建一座热能发电站。
  • Volcanic activity has created thermal springs and boiling mud pools.火山活动产生了温泉和沸腾的泥浆池。

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