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  Another Huawei handset has been given a license1 to use China's 5G telecommunications network.   华为另一款手机获得5G网络许可。
    The dual2 SIM handset uses Google's Android operating system.   Photos of the handset haven't been released by the ministry3, but many industry insiders believe it is the foldable Mate X.   The Mate X is expected to be on sale next month in China and in September overseas.   At the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona in February, Huawei said its Mate X 8GB+512GB will retail4 for 2,299 Euros, or 17,500 yuan. It is estimated that the price will be lower on the Chinese market.   Huawei's first 5G-enabled handset, the Mate 20 X, will be released in Shenzhen on Friday. It was awarded a 5G network license last month.
1 license      n.执照,许可证,特许;v.许可,特许 参考例句:
  • The foreign guest has a license on the person.这个外国客人随身携带执照。
  • The driver was arrested for having false license plates on his car.司机由于使用假车牌而被捕。
2 dual      adj.双的;二重的,二元的 参考例句:
  • The people's Republic of China does not recognize dual nationality for any Chinese national.中华人民共和国不承认中国公民具有双重国籍。
  • He has dual role as composer and conductor.他兼作曲家及指挥的双重身分。
3 ministry      n.(政府的)部;牧师 参考例句:
  • They sent a deputation to the ministry to complain.他们派了一个代表团到部里投诉。
  • We probed the Air Ministry statements.我们调查了空军部的记录。
4 retail      v./n.零售;adv.以零售价格 参考例句:
  • In this shop they retail tobacco and sweets.这家铺子零售香烟和糖果。
  • These shoes retail at 10 yuan a pair.这些鞋子零卖10元一双。

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