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  Like the Oscars before it, the upcoming 71st Emmy Awards ceremony will go on without a celebrity1 host.   就像之前的奥斯卡一样,即将举行的第71届艾美奖颁奖典礼将不会有明星主持人。   Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said Wednesday that going host-less allows more time to salute2 departing shows, including "Game of Thrones."   The HBO fantasy saga3, which ended its run this past season, is the top nominee4 with a record-setting 32 nominations5.   The Emmy show rotates among the top broadcast networks.   "We need to do this well. We have a great story to tell," Executive Producer Don Mischer said. "We have great stories that will influence people and move people and touch people. We can do that with a host and we can do that without a host. And we've done it before. We've done Emmy Awards with hosts before and they've been very successful so we're not feeling pressure about it."   The Oscars ran into trouble when last year's planned host, Kevin Hart, stepped down following a backlash over his past homophobic tweets. The search for a replacement6 proved fruitless.
1 celebrity      n.名人,名流;著名,名声,名望 参考例句:
  • Tom found himself something of a celebrity. 汤姆意识到自己已小有名气了。
  • He haunted famous men, hoping to get celebrity for himself. 他常和名人在一起, 希望借此使自己获得名气。
2 salute      vi.行礼,致意,问候,放礼炮;vt.向…致意,迎接,赞扬;n.招呼,敬礼,礼炮 参考例句:
  • Merchant ships salute each other by dipping the flag.商船互相点旗致敬。
  • The Japanese women salute the people with formal bows in welcome.这些日本妇女以正式的鞠躬向人们施礼以示欢迎。
3 saga      n.(尤指中世纪北欧海盗的)故事,英雄传奇 参考例句:
  • The saga of Flight 19 is probably the most repeated story about the Bermuda Triangle.飞行19中队的传说或许是有关百慕大三角最重复的故事。
  • The novel depicts the saga of a family.小说描绘了一个家族的传奇故事。
4 nominee      n.被提名者;被任命者;被推荐者 参考例句:
  • His nominee for vice president was elected only after a second ballot.他提名的副总统在两轮投票后才当选。
  • Mr.Francisco is standing as the official nominee for the post of District Secretary.弗朗西斯科先生是行政书记职位的正式提名人。
5 nominations      n.提名,任命( nomination的名词复数 ) 参考例句:
  • Nominations are invited for the post of party chairman. 为党主席职位征集候选人。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Much coverage surrounded his abortive bids for the 1960,1964, and 1968 Republican Presidential nominations. 许多消息报道都围绕着1960年、1964年和1968年他为争取提名为共和党总统候选人所做努力的失败。 来自辞典例句
6 replacement      n.取代,替换,交换;替代品,代用品 参考例句:
  • We are hard put to find a replacement for our assistant.我们很难找到一个人来代替我们的助手。
  • They put all the students through the replacement examination.他们让所有的学生参加分班考试。

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