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  A new cashless payment option has been introduced for purchasing tickets at some stations along Beijing's rail transport network.   北京地铁某些站点新引入一种无现金购票方式。   Passengers can now buy tickets, recharge their metro1 cards and pay excess fares by scanning QR codes at ticket windows and machines at those pilot stations, reported the Beijing News.   The pilot service covers 55 subway stations, which include commercial centers such as Wangfujing and Xidan, and traffic hubs like the Beijing South Railway Station.   It's reported that it takes around 10 seconds to buy a ticket using the new cashless payment method.   Although passengers had already been able to take a subway train in Beijing by scanning their electric traffic cards or using Yitongxing App in their smartphones, the new method is especially convenient for tourists as they don't need to apply for an e-card or download the app.   The new payment option is expected to cover all rail transit2 lines in the city by the end of August.
1 metro      n.地铁;adj.大都市的;(METRO)麦德隆(财富500强公司之一总部所在地德国,主要经营零售) 参考例句:
  • Can you reach the park by metro?你可以乘地铁到达那个公园吗?
  • The metro flood gate system is a disaster prevention equipment.地铁防淹门系统是一种防灾设备。
2 transit      n.经过,运输;vt.穿越,旋转;vi.越过 参考例句:
  • His luggage was lost in transit.他的行李在运送中丢失。
  • The canal can transit a total of 50 ships daily.这条运河每天能通过50条船。

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