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  Tickets for flights at the new 凯发k8娱乐登录Beijing Daxing International Airport are now on sale on the official website of Chinese on-line travel booking giant Qunar. The airport is expected to start operation on September 30.   北京大兴新国际机场航班机票在去哪儿网上已开始出售,该机场预计将于9月30日开始运营。   According to, passengers now can buy tickets for flights from Beijing Daxing to domestic1 cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Kunming.   Tickets for international flights from Beijing to London, Helsinki, Casablanca and Kathmandu are also available.   Compared to flight tickets at Beijing Capital International Airport, tickets at Beijing Daxing International Airport are much cheaper.   Trial flights are now underway and will be completed by August 15.   All civil aviation2 operations of Beijing Nanyuan Airport, which currently3 serves as the secondary airport of the capital city, will move to the new airport when it officially opens on September 30.   The airport project was approved by the government in 2014 and construction work was completed on June 30 of the year.   It will serve as a major international hub airport in northern China.
1 domestic      adj.家里的,国内的,本国的;n.家仆,佣人 参考例句:
  • This is domestic news.这是国内新闻。
  • She does the domestic affairs every day.她每天都忙家务。
2 aviation      n.航空,航空学,飞机制造业 参考例句:
  • Ten years ago,they began to develop the aviation. 十年前,他们开始发展航空工业。
  • Pilots of large aircraft are masters of aviation.大型飞行器的驾驶员是航空学方面的专家。
3 currently      adv.通常地,普遍地,当前 参考例句:
  • Currently it is not possible to reconcile this conflicting evidence.当前还未有可能去解释这一矛盾的例证。
  • Our contracts are currently under review.我们的合同正在复查。

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