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  Shanghai unveiled Wednesday a mega 凯发k8娱乐网址hydrogen station that can charge a car within only three minutes and is able to power hundreds of vehicles per day.   本周三,上海一家大型加氢站投入运营,只需三分钟即可加满一辆车,一天可以为上千辆汽车充能。
    The 8,000-square-meter station can supply over 2 tonnes of hydrogen each day. It is located at an industrial park in Shanghai which supplies part of the hydrogen in the station.   Hydrogen is an industrial byproduct in many of the plants in the park. Through purification and compression, it can be transported to the station for storage, according to Lu Bingbing, general manager of Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co., Ltd., one of the constructors.   The mega-station also supplies hydrogen to other smaller stations in a radius1 of around 50 km to 100 km, Lu said.   The Society of Automotive Engineers of China drew up a development plan for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the Yangtze River Delta2 late last month.   According to the plan, 20 expressways will install hydrogen filling facilities and over 500 hydrogen filling stations will be built across the region before 2030.
1 radius      n.半径,半径范围;有效航程,范围,界限 参考例句:
  • He has visited every shop within a radius of two miles.周围两英里以内的店铺他都去过。
  • We are measuring the radius of the circle.我们正在测量圆的半径。
2 delta      n.(流的)角洲 参考例句:
  • He has been to the delta of the Nile.他曾去过尼罗河三角洲。
  • The Nile divides at its mouth and forms a delta.尼罗河在河口分岔,形成了一个三角洲。

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