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  A giant six-engine aircraft with the world's longest wingspan completed what company officials called a superb initial flight over California's Mojave Desert.   一架拥有全球最长翼展的巨大的六引擎飞机在加州莫哈韦机场圆满完成首飞。
    Stratolaunch Systems Corp. chief executive Jean Floyd said Saturday the aircraft made a "spectacular" landing that was on the mark. Stratolaunch, which was founded by Allen, is vying1 to be a contender in the market for air-launching small satellites. He died in October.   "It was an emotional moment for me, to personally watch this majestic2 bird take flight, to see Paul Allen's dream come to life in front of my very eyes," Floyd told a teleconference briefing.   Floyd said that as the plane lifted off, "I did whisper a 'thank you' to Paul for allowing me to be part of this remarkable3 achievement."   The behemoth, twin-fuselage Stratolaunch jet lifted off from Mojave Air and Space Port shortly before 7 a.m. Saturday and climbed into the desert sky 70 miles (112 kilometers) north of Los Angeles. The jet flew 2 ½ hours, achieving a maximum speed of 189 mph (304 kph) and altitudes up to 17,000 feet (5,181 meters), the company said.   Test pilot Evan Thomas of Scaled Composites LLC, which built the aircraft, said the flight overall was "fantastic" and for the most part the plane flew as predicted.   "The airplane very nicely, smoothly4 rotated and really just lifted off the ground," he said. "It definitely was ready to fly and wanted to fly and climbed out quickly."   Thomas said there were "a few little things that were off-nominal but really for a first flight it was spot-on." He did not specify5 what those things were, and briefing participants did not take questions.
1 vying      adj.竞争的;比赛的 参考例句:
  • California is vying with other states to capture a piece of the growing communications market.为了在日渐扩大的通讯市场分得一杯羹,加利福尼亚正在和其他州展开竞争。
  • Four rescue plans are vying to save the zoo.4个拯救动物园的方案正争得不可开交。
2 majestic      adj.雄伟的,壮丽的,庄严的,威严的,崇高的 参考例句:
  • In the distance rose the majestic Alps.远处耸立着雄伟的阿尔卑斯山。
  • He looks majestic in uniform.他穿上军装显得很威风。
3 remarkable      adj.显著的,异常的,非凡的,值得注意的 参考例句:
  • She has made remarkable headway in her writing skills.她在写作技巧方面有了长足进步。
  • These cars are remarkable for the quietness of their engines.这些汽车因发动机没有噪音而不同凡响。
4 smoothly      adv.平滑地,顺利地,流利地,流畅地 参考例句:
  • The workmen are very cooperative,so the work goes on smoothly.工人们十分合作,所以工作进展顺利。
  • Just change one or two words and the sentence will read smoothly.这句话只要动一两个字就顺了。
5 specify      vt.指定,详细说明 参考例句:
  • We should specify a time and a place for the meeting.我们应指定会议的时间和地点。
  • Please specify what you will do.请你详述一下你将做什么。

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