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  The 2019 World Fly-in Expo is to be held in Wuhan from May 18-21.   2019世界飞行者大会将于5月18日至21日在武汉举行。   According to the organizing committee, the Expo, which is divided into five sections, will host 23 activities, covering aerial flight performance, aerial sports events, static exhibition and conference forum1.   Aerial flight performances include aerobatic flight, power suspension, hot air balloon, parachute jumping, power parachute, rotorcraft, aviation model and so on.   Aerial sports events contain the Chinese National Hot Balloon Open and the 2019 National Aerospace2 Model Championship (UAV Project), as well as the Chinese national team's open trial.   There will 560 aircrafts participating in the Expo, including 260 flying performances, 200 competing and 100 static ones.   The Expo is co-hosted by World Air Sports Federation3, Aero Sports Federation of China, the Wuhan Municipal Government and the Hubei province Sports Bureau.
1 forum      n.论坛,讨论会 参考例句:
  • They're holding a forum on new ways of teaching history.他们正在举行历史教学讨论会。
  • The organisation would provide a forum where problems could be discussed.这个组织将提供一个可以讨论问题的平台。
2 aerospace      adj.航空的,宇宙航行的 参考例句:
  • The world's entire aerospace industry is feeling the chill winds of recession.全世界的航空航天工业都感受到了经济衰退的寒意。
  • Edward Murphy was an aerospace engineer for the US Army.爱德华·墨菲是一名美军的航宇工程师。
3 federation      n.同盟,联邦,联合,联盟,联合会 参考例句:
  • It is a federation of 10 regional unions.它是由十个地方工会结合成的联合会。
  • Mr.Putin was inaugurated as the President of the Russian Federation.普京正式就任俄罗斯联邦总统。

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