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  Chinese enterprise has completed detailed1 engineering design of China-Thailand Railway's 1st phase.   中国企业已完成中-泰铁路第一阶段详细工程设计。   The detailed engineering design of the 252.3-km first phase of high-speed China-Thailand Railway has been completed recently, which laid a solid foundation for the coming all-round construction on the railway, the Chinese enterprise in charge of the design work told Xinhua on Tuesday.   China-Thailand Railway is one of the major connectivity projects between the two countries under the Belt and Road framework. The first phase of the project would link Thai capital Bangkok and the northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima.   China Railway Design Corporation (CRDC) told Xinhua that the company has worked closely with State Railway of Thailand (SRT) in deciding the route of the first high speed railway in Thailand and its technicians and specialists have been working very hard for the preparation of the detailed engineering design.   The Chinese company said they combined Thai traditional architecture style into the design of modernized2 high-speed rail stations, which, after several times of improvement, is highly appreciated by the Thai side.
1 detailed      adj.详细的,详尽的,极注意细节的,完全的 参考例句:
  • He had made a detailed study of the terrain.他对地形作了缜密的研究。
  • A detailed list of our publications is available on request.我们的出版物有一份详细的目录备索。
2 modernized      使现代化,使适应现代需要( modernize的过去式和过去分词 ); 现代化,使用现代方法 参考例句:
  • By 1985 the entire railway network will have been modernized. 等到1985年整个铁路网就实现现代化了。
  • He set about rebuilding France, and made it into a brilliant-looking modernized imperialism. 他试图重建法国,使它成为一项表面华丽的现代化帝业。

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