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  The 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival kicked off on Saturday with a strong line-up of films and stars.   2019上海国际电影节周六开幕,电影资源以及明星阵容十分强大。
    Over 500 films from across the globe will be showcased during this year's festival, including some classics that had been restored into 4K-quality films.   On the jury line-up are well-known artists and experts, including the Turkish director and screenwriter Nuri Bilge Ceylan, the Italian director and screenwriter Paolo Genovese, the Chinese actress Zhao Tao, and Chinese film director Zhou Hao.   As the only competitive film festival in China approved by the International Federation1 of Film Producers Associations, the Shanghai festival has been working to provide a professional cultural exchange platform for local and overseas films. Now in its 22nd session, this year's festival will run till June 24.
1 federation      n.同盟,联邦,联合,联盟,联合会 参考例句:
  • It is a federation of 10 regional unions.它是由十个地方工会结合成的联合会。
  • Mr.Putin was inaugurated as the President of the Russian Federation.普京正式就任俄罗斯联邦总统。

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