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  Sichuan University in the city of Chengdu established China's first 凯发k8娱乐网址science fiction research academy last week.   坐落成都的四川大学上星期树立国内首个科幻研究院。   The institute, which was set up in partnership1 with the Sichuan Association for Science and Technology, aims to support the development of the science fiction industry and related literary and artistic2 endeavors, according to a report by the news agency Xinhua. The academy will be run by Sichuan University's literature and journalism3 school.   The academy will train researchers in the fields of sci-fi literature, sci-fi culture, sci-fi communications, and the sci-fi industry, said Li Yi, who is the school's dean. He added that the university is one of the birthplaces of contemporary science fiction in China, having trained a number of contemporary sci-fi masters. The school now has a number of teachers engaged in science fiction translation and criticism.   Following the establishment of the academy, the "China Science Fiction Review", the country's first academic journal to be focused on this field, is expected to be launched early next year by the school together with the publisher of the magazine "Science Fiction World".   China has seen a boom in its science fiction industry. Last year, it had a market value of 45.6 billion yuan (6.5 billion U.S. dollars), 2.26 times what it was worth in 2017, according to an industry report released last month.   "The Wandering Earth", an iconic science fiction film made in China, was a hit at the box office in the country, pulled in 4.6 billion yuan earlier in the year, the third-largest box office take in the country's history. The film was based on a novella of the same name written by Liu Cixin, who is also the author of "The Three-Body Problem", which won a Hugo Award for best novel in 2015.
1 partnership      n.合作关系,伙伴关系 参阅例句:
  • The company has gone into partnership with Swiss Bank Corporation.这家公司现已和瑞士银行公司树立合作关系。
  • Martin has taken him into general partnership in his company.马丁已让他成为公司的一般合伙人。
2 artistic      adj.艺术(家)的,美术(家)的;长于艺术创作的 参阅例句:
  • The picture on this screen is a good artistic work.这屏风上的画是件很好的艺术品。
  • These artistic handicrafts are very popular with foreign friends.外国朋友很喜欢这些美术工艺品。
3 journalism      n.新闻工作,报业 参阅例句:
  • He's a teacher but he does some journalism on the side.他是教师,可还兼职做一些新闻工作。
  • He had an aptitude for journalism.他有从事新闻工作的才干。

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