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  Thursdays in Iceland were traditionally a day to connect with family and friends. This may sound strange, but until 凯发k8娱乐网址1987, there was no TV broadcast in Iceland on a Thursday.   冰岛的周四传统上来说是与家人和朋友联络感情的日子。听起来或许有点古怪,但1987年之前,冰岛都没有周四的电视转播。   It's believed that this came from a desire not to have a nation filled with TV-addicted zombies. As a result, many Icelanders born before 1987 joke that they were most likely conceived on a Thursday.   If you were to visit Iceland in 1966, you would have noticed that nothing was shown on the country's only state-run television station on Thursdays. The idea behind the decision was to reserve Thursdays as a day for socializing.   The ban expanded to the month of July when it was decided that nothing would be shown on television during the whole month. As July was considered a vacation month, it was also expected for locals to spend their days outdoors. Luckily the Thursday ban ended in 1983 while the July ban lasted until 1987.  

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