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文章来源:admin    时间:2020-02-12

  The Philippines has officially notified the United States about the termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between Manila and Washington, Philippines's top diplomat1 said on Tuesday.   菲律宾首席外交官周二表明,菲律宾已正式告诉美国完毕两边之间的拜访部队协议。   "The Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the United States has received the notice of termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement. As a diplomatic courtesy there will be no further factual announcements following this self-explanatory development," Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin tweeted.   Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo confirmed the Philippines' move to end the military agreement that allows the US forces to conduct large-scale joint2 military exercises with Philippine troops in the Philippines.   Panelo said Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte directed Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea on Monday night to tell Locsin to send the notice of termination to the US government.   Panelo told a news conference that the termination process will begin "180 days from the receipt of the notice of the termination."   "The effectivity of (the notice of termination) will be 180 days from the receipt of the US government of such notice," Panelo said.   "From what I read from the agreement there is no need for the (reply of the US government). There's no response needed," Panelo said, adding Duterte can terminate the VFA himself.   "As the president said, it's about time we rely on our own resources. We need to strengthen our own capability3 as a country relative to the defense4 of our land," Panelo said.
1 diplomat      n.外交官,外交家;能外交的人,油滑的人 参阅例句:
  • The diplomat threw in a joke, and the tension was instantly relieved.那位外交官插进一个笑话,严重的气氛登时平缓下来。
  • He served as a diplomat in Russia before the war.战前他在俄罗斯当外交官。
2 joint      adj.联合的,一起的;n.关节,接合处;v.衔接,贴合 参阅例句:
  • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,膀子脫臼了。
  • We wrote a letter in joint names.咱们联名写了封信。
3 capability      n.才干;才干;(pl)可开展的才干或特性等 参阅例句:
  • She has the capability to become a very fine actress.她有潜力成为出色艺人。
  • Organizing a whole department is beyond his capability.安排整个部分是他才干以外的事。
4 defense      n.防护,捍卫;[pl.]防务工事;辩解,辩论 参阅例句:
  • The accused has the right to defense.被告人有权取得辩解。
  • The war has impacted the area with military and defense workers.战役使那个区域挤满了戎行和防护工程人员。

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