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  A new rail and road cargo1 service was launched Tuesday, linking Lanzhou, capital of northwest China's Gansu Province, with Islamabad in Pakistan.   本周二,一条连接中国甘肃兰州与巴基斯坦伊斯兰堡的公路铁路货运服务开通。
    The first train carrying 30 carriages of mechanical equipment, auto2 parts and daily necessities left a logistics center Tuesday morning in Lanzhou, bound for Kashgar in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous3 Region. The goods will then be transported to Islamabad by a highway.   According to Luo Zhe, deputy director with the management committee of the International Land Port of Gansu (Lanzhou), the 4,500-km trip will take 13 days, around 15 days less than the traditional sea route.   This was the second freight train service launched by Gansu to south Asia.   In 2016, a rail and road cargo service opened between Lanzhou and Kathmandu, Nepal.   "I hope the new rail and road cargo service can set a good example for cooperation between China and Pakistan and encourage more countries and regions to join the Belt and Road Initiative," Luo said.
1 cargo      n.(一只船或一架飞机运载的)货物 参考例句:
  • The ship has a cargo of about 200 ton.这条船大约有200吨的货物。
  • A lot of people discharged the cargo from a ship.许多人从船上卸下货物。
2 auto      n.(=automobile)(口语)汽车 参考例句:
  • Don't park your auto here.别把你的汽车停在这儿。
  • The auto industry has brought many people to Detroit.汽车工业把许多人吸引到了底特律。
3 autonomous      adj.自治的;独立的 参考例句:
  • They proudly declared themselves part of a new autonomous province.他们自豪地宣布成为新自治省的一部分。
  • This is a matter that comes within the jurisdiction of the autonomous region.这件事是属于自治区权限以内的事务。

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