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  跟着国内新冠肺炎疫情安稳,全国各地的校园连续复课,国家卫健委敦促校园保证学生有满足的野外活动时刻。 As schools nationwide have gradually reopened following the stabilization1 of the domestic novel coronavirus pneumonia2 epidemic3, the National Health Commission has urged schools to ensure sufficient outdoor activities for students.   Schools should guarantee at least two hours of outdoor activities a day for pupils. For students who have been diagnosed as nearsighted, the outdoor hours can be extended.   It is important to urge children to go outside during recess4 while making sure that sports activities are rolled out at staggered hours.

When organizing mass eyesight screening programs on campus, Wang said outdoor spaces or spacious5, well-ventilated facilities are preferred. It is also important to disinfect testing equipment regularly, wear face masks and maintain social distancing during checks.
1 Stabilization      安稳化 参阅例句:
  • The position of barycentre on plane directly impacts the stabilization and manipulation of plane. 飞机重心方位直接影响飞机的安稳和操作特性。
  • With the higher olefins, stabilization of the energetic intermediates occurs more easily. 在较高的烯烃情况下,高能的中心物安稳效果更易呈现。
2 pneumonia      n.肺炎 参阅例句:
  • Cage was struck with pneumonia in her youth.凯奇年轻时得过肺炎。
  • Pneumonia carried him off last week.肺炎上星期夺去了他的生命。
3 epidemic      n.流行病;盛行;adj.流行性的,撒播极广的 参阅例句:
  • That kind of epidemic disease has long been stamped out.那种流行症早已绝迹。
  • The authorities tried to localise the epidemic.当局企图把流行病约束在部分规模。
4 recess      n.短期歇息,壁凹(墙上装架子,柜子等凹处) 参阅例句:
  • The chairman of the meeting announced a ten-minute recess.会议主席宣告休会10分钟。
  • Parliament was hastily recalled from recess.休会的议员被仓促召回开会。
5 spacious      adj.宽广的,宽阔的 参阅例句:
  • Our yard is spacious enough for a swimming pool.咱们的宅院很宽阔,满足建一座游泳池。
  • The room is bright and spacious.这房间很豁亮。

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