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  希腊首家"水下博物馆"近来敞开,游客能够在这里探究一艘古代沉船。 Greece has opened its very first underwater museum, where visitors will be able to explore an ancient shipwreck.    The unusual attraction sits off the coast of the island of Alonissos.    The Peristera shipwreck actually takes its name from a nearby uninhabited island and was first discovered in the early 1990s.    The ship is believed to date to the 5th century, and is filled with archaeological gems for divers to discover, including the thousands of amphoras of wine when it crashed, hundreds of which can be found on the seabed.    The Underwater Museum of Peristera opened on Aug 1, but it currently isn't planned as a permanent exhibition, with divers invited to explore until early October.    For those who aren't divers or who prefer to stay on land, the museum has an information center offering virtual tours of the underwater site, complete with exhibitions around the history of the shipwreck and area.  

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