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  为期两个月的长城文化节8月8日在北京发动,文化节期间,大众可在周末夜游八达岭长城。 A two-month-long Great 凯发k8官Wall cultural festival opened in Beijing Saturday, which allows tourists to visit the Badaling section of the ancient wall on weekend nights.    Visitors can reserve night tours of the Badaling Great Wall every Friday and Saturday during the festival that will end on Oct 7, said Chen Mingjie, head of the Beijing municipal administration of cultural heritage, at a news conference held in Beijing Friday.    An evening gala of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a cultural fair on Chinese traditional costumes and online lectures including one about cultural heritage protection that is co-organized by Hadrian's Wall of Britain, are also scheduled during the festival, said Chen.    The Great Wall, with a total length of more than 20,000 km, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and consists of many interconnected walls.    Beijing has a total of 520 km of Great Wall sections within its territory, and the Badaling section is the most visited one.  

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