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  Elon Musk passed Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg Monday to become the third-richest person in the world, closely following Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.   特斯拉首席执行官马斯克的身价超过了脸书联合创始人扎克伯格,紧跟在微软创始人盖茨和亚马逊首席执行官贝索斯之后,成为世界排名第三的富豪。   According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the Tesla CEO now has a total fortune of $115.4 凯发k8官网下载客户端billion compared with $110.8 billion for Zuckerberg.   Musk, 49, has seen a meteoric rise in his wealth, with his net worth growing by $87.8 billion this year as Tesla shares surged almost 500%.   Also helpful: an audacious pay package - the largest corporate pay deal ever struck between a chief executive officer and a board of directors - that could yield him more than $50 billion if all goals are met.

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