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  More 凯发k8官网下载客户端women on the Chinese mainland are taking center stage in managing wealth and making investment decisions in a field that has been traditionally dominated by men, the highest among their global peers, said a recent industry report.   近来的一份职业陈述显现,越来越多我国内地的女人在财政管理和出资决策方面占有主导地位,份额高于国际其他地方的女人,这一范畴传统上一向由男性主导。   Swiss bank UBS Group AG said in its Own Your Worth 2020 report on the wealth value of high net worth female individuals that globally about 58% of the women respondents allowed their spouse to take the lead in financial decisions.   The ratio is 54% in the US and 62% in the UK, while it is only 14% on the Chinese mainland.   More than 80% of the women respondents from the mainland were deeply involved in making decisions including managing daily expenses, payment and bills.   Experts said more money is pouring into the hands of women in China, mostly through inheritances in single-child families or via self-made wealth from emerging industries.   And women are more sensitive and rational in managing household finances and investment.   When selecting financial portfolios, women are good at risk-control and less interested in products with high leverage.

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