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  Huawei Technologies Co said on Thursday that its in-house operating system HarmonyOS will be used in smartphones next year, marking a breakthrough in Chinese companies' efforts to commercialize self-developed operating systems and to build their own globally competitive software ecosystems.   华为9月10日宣告,其自有的鸿蒙操作系统下一年将用于智能手机,这标志着中国企业在自主操作系统商用以及树立具有全球竞争力的自有软件生态系统方面有了重大突破。   HarmonyOS is already used in Huawei's smart TV products. With the upgrade of the system, HarmonyOS will be used in smartwatches, personal computers and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices later.   Huawei said the mobile applications integrated with HMS so far have exceeded 96,000. The number of developers of HMS now stands at over 1.8 million.   Huawei has also promised to make HarmonyOS open source, which means anyone can freely examine the system specification to make sure there's no problem.   The code for small Internet of Things (IoT) devices with 128 megabytes or less storage is available now.   The code for larger devices will be freely published in April 2021, and the remaining code will be available for download by October 2021.

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