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  US President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he would put his own money into his reelection campaign if necessary, though downplaying the need for it currently.   美国总统特朗普周四表明,必要时他乐意自掏腰包来竞选连任,但他也表明,现在还不需求这样做。   "If we needed any more, I would put it up personally, like I did in the primaries last time," Trump told reporters, referring to his 2016 campaign. "If I have to, I would, but we're doing very well," he said.   Earlier on Tuesday, Trump discussed spending up to $100 million of his own money on his 2020 campaign, a Bloomberg report said.   Trump's campaign had a huge financial edge over Democratic nominee Joe Biden five months ago but that advantage has evaporated as the two are entering the final two-month stretch of the 2020 presidential campaign, the New York Times reported on Monday.   The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee have spent $800 million on the president's reelection effort.

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