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  Preparing to get back on parade. For the equine stars of Trooping the Colour, training is underway once again.   预备承受审阅。行将参与皇家戎行阅兵典礼的骑兵,练习再次开端。   When the horses come back from grass, it's like they've been sat on a beach for a few months, eating lots of pizza - generally a lot fatter.   Trooping the Colour is an important fixture1 in the regiment2's calendar.   It's the epitome3 of precision, pomp and pageantry in front of huge crowds.   For the last few months, most of the King's troops 140 horses have been enjoying the quiet life in the Leicestershire countryside [in the UK].   The decision has now been taken to get them back to the barracks.   Units like the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery4 exist to take the lead in big ceremonial and state occasions – all of which have been cancelled since March, due to coronavirus.   In normal times, Trooping the Colour would be one of the high points of the year.   We march past Her Majesty5 the Queen first out of all the mounted regiments6, who is our Captain General, so it is a huge honour, the opportunity to present not only our own guns but also the guns of the entire Royal Regiment of Artillery to Her Majesty. It's a great privilege.   Here at the barracks, they are champing at the bit to get back out on parade.   With humans and horses ready to resume their official duties - as soon as it's deemed safe to do.
1 fixture      n.固定设备;预订日期;竞赛时刻;定期存款 参阅例句:
  • Lighting fixture must be installed at once.有必要当即装置照明设备。
  • The cordless kettle may now be a fixture in most kitchens.无绳电热水壶现在可能是大都厨房的固定设备。
2 regiment      n.团,大都,办理;v.安排,编成团,统制 参阅例句:
  • As he hated army life,he decide to desert his regiment.由于他嫌恶戎行日子,所以他决计背离自己地点的那个团。
  • They reformed a division into a regiment.他们将一个师整编成为一个团。
3 epitome      n.典型,梗概 参阅例句:
  • He is the epitome of goodness.他是仁慈的模范。
  • This handbook is a neat epitome of everyday hygiene.这本手册归纳了日常卫生的关键。
4 artillery      n.(军)火炮,大炮;炮兵(部队) 参阅例句:
  • This is a heavy artillery piece.这是一门重炮。
  • The artillery has more firepower than the infantry.炮兵火力比步卒大。
5 majesty      n.宏伟,绚丽,庄重,威严;最高威望,王权 参阅例句:
  • The king had unspeakable majesty.国王有无法形容的威严。
  • Your Majesty must make up your mind quickly!显贵的陛下,您有必要从速做出决议!
6 regiments      (戎行的)团( regiment的名词复数 ); 很多的人或物 参阅例句:
  • The three regiments are all under the command of you. 这三个团全归你控制。
  • The town was garrisoned with two regiments. 该镇有两团战士驻扎。

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