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伦敦放宽疫情封锁措施 各大场所重新开放

文章来源:admin    时间:2020-10-19

  It's a city that's 2000 years old, enduring two world wars. Pandemics aren't new here, but the coronavirus has attempted to threaten London's very identity. Just four months ago it was one of the world's most bustling1 cities with 9 million people living here. And then they had to go into lockdown.   这是一座具有2000年前史的城市,阅历了两次世界大战。流行病的暴发在伦敦并非新鲜事,但新式冠状病毒的到来现已要挟了伦敦的身份特征。就在四个月前,这儿仍是世界上最富贵的城市之一,有900万人寓居于此。后来,人们因疫情而不得不进入封闭状况。   But now, signs of a population trying to find a new normal - perhaps even some fun. Theme parks are starting to reopen, as are businesses. Hair is being cut once more. And at the centre of British culture – the pub – moved onto the street so people can meet and socialise. There have been concerns all this reopening will mean a second wave of infection, as many make the most of it.   It feels quite liberating2 because it's been so long and we're all so secure with what we do – wash our hands.   Cinemas too have started to reopen. But theatres with live performances have not. For centuries London has been at the heart of Europe's art scene, and now the UK's government is promising3 almost two billion dollars of support.   This is the home of Shakespeare, attracting people from around the world - huge cultural power, huge contribution to our wider economy - think of all the tourists who come here. But also think of all the children, all the adults, who come here for the first time whose lives are enriched4 by that culture. So, all of those factors have contributed to us going for a very big level of support really to help our institutions weather this storm.   London has coped with its fair share of economic shocks over the years, establishing itself as the financial capital of Europe. Billions of dollars of cash are usually made here every year and despite thousands of jobs being lost, many businesses say they're confident workers will come back to the capital.   After all unprecedented5 times aren't new to this city - although how it responds to 2020 could reshape its old ways.
1 bustling      adj.喧哗的 参阅例句:
  • The market was bustling with life. 市场上朝气蓬勃。
  • This district is getting more and more prosperous and bustling. 这一带越来越富贵了。
2 liberating      解放,开释( liberate的现在分词 ) 参阅例句:
  • Revolution means liberating the productive forces. 革新便是为了解放生产力。
  • They had already taken on their shoulders the burden of reforming society and liberating mankind. 甚至在这些集集聚谈中,他们就现已夸大地把变革社会、解放人群的职责放在自己的肩头了。 来自汉英文学 - 家(1-26) - 家(1-26)
3 promising      adj.有期望的,有出路的 参阅例句:
  • The results of the experiments are very promising.试验的成果充满了期望。
  • We're trying to bring along one or two promising young swimmers.咱们正设法培养出一两名有出路的年青游水选手。
4 enriched      使赋有( enrich的过去式和过去分词 ); 使殷实; 充分; 使丰厚 参阅例句:
  • The study of science has enriched all our lives. 科学研究丰厚了咱们的整个日子。
  • breakfast cereals enriched with vitamins 增加了维生素的早餐谷物食物
5 unprecedented      adj.无前例的,别致的 参阅例句:
  • The air crash caused an unprecedented number of deaths.这次空难的逝世人数是空前的。
  • A flood of this sort is really unprecedented.这样大的洪水真是十年九不遇。

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