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  Nasty conditions on the roads today, so would you hand over the control of your car to a computer?   今日的路况很糟糕,那么你会把轿车的控制权交给一台电脑吗?   So, hands-free.   At a private test track, with no other traffic, I tried out the technology as if I was on a motorway1.   Woah! So, that is a very strange feeling, especially for a control freak like me, but the car is driving itself. And it's following the lines. The lane that's there – it's swerving2 around. My temptation is to touch it, but I'm not. This is really very odd. I've never done anything like this before.   At the moment, cars like this tell you to put your hands back on the steering3 wheel after fifteen seconds. But ministers [politicians] want to know if the technology is now reliable enough to let drivers go hands-free for extended periods of time.   It could actually save lives. It's estimated within a decade this kind of technology could save almost 4,000 lives.   The government will be consulting safety organisations and the industry, but what do drivers think?   Yeah, I do trust the technology. I [have] used most of what's been invented, but I don't like that humans don't have to keep an eye.   I think it's crazy to be fair, driverless cars – well, it's madness.   Ministers are not yet talking about entirely4 driverless cars, but if the UK goes further down the hands-free route it could still mean big changes for the law and insurance.   Back on the test track there's a lot to get used to, and for ministers a lot to consider.   Driving will certainly be different in the future - the question is how fast do we want things to change?
1 motorway      n.高速公路,快车道 参阅凯发旗舰厅例句:
  • Our car had a breakdown on the motorway.咱们的轿车在高速公路上抛锚了。
  • A maniac driver sped 35 miles along the wrong side of a motorway at 110 mph.一个张狂的司机以每小时110英里的速度在高速公路上逆行飙车35英里。
2 swerving      v.(使)改动方向,改动意图( swerve的现在分词 ) 参阅例句:
  • It may stand as an example of the fitful swerving of his passion. 这是一个比如,阐明他的心情往往改变不定,忽冷忽热。 来自辞典例句
  • Mrs Merkel would be foolish to placate her base by swerving right. 默克尔夫人假如为了安慰她的根基地点而转到右翼就太愚笨了。 来自互联网
3 steering      n.操舵设备 参阅例句:
  • He beat his hands on the steering wheel in frustration. 他懊丧地用手打了几下方向盘。
  • Steering according to the wind, he also framed his words more amicably. 他真会见风转舵,口吻也立刻变得温和了。
4 entirely      ad.悉数地,完整地;彻底地,彻底地 参阅例句:
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那场火灾彻底是因为他们渎职而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的终身通通献给了教育工作。

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