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文章来源:admin    时间:2020-10-21

  Schools in Germany are advising pupils to bring blankets to class and wear hats, coats and scarves during lessons as part of the fight against the coronavirus.   作为抗疫行动之一,德国校园主张学生带毯子来上学,戴帽子围巾、穿厚外套上课。   Head teachers have issued the advice in response to new government guidelines that require schools to ventilate classrooms by opening the windows every twenty minutes.   Leaving the windows open a crack is not enough. Schools have been told to open classroom windows fully for three to five minutes, and to open doors as well when possible so air can circulate.   Daytime temperatures are already as low as 5C in parts of Germany and many classrooms are too cold to study in comfort.   With winter temperatures often well below zero, no one is under any illusions about how cold classrooms could get.   A sixth form college in Bochum has advised pupils to bring "warm clothes with hoods or hats and blankets" to class, and secondary schools in Düsseldorf are allowing pupils to wear coats and gloves during lessons.   In a letter to pupils, the regional education minister for Lower Saxony warned that "things will get a little cold" and urged them to "dress warmly".

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