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  The number of people worldwide who have died with Covid-19 has passed one million, researchers say, with many regions still reporting surging numbers of new infections.   研究人员说,全球新冠肺炎逝世病例已超越100万例,许多区域陈述的新增感染病例数量仍在激增。   The tally1 by Johns Hopkins University shows that deaths in the US, Brazil and India make up nearly half that total.   Experts caution that the true figure is probably much higher.   UN Secretary-General António Guterres called it a "mind-numbing" figure and "an agonising milestone2".   "Yet we must never lose sight of each and every individual life," he said in a video message.   "They were fathers and mothers, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues. The pain has been multiplied by the savageness3 of this disease."   The pandemic has since spread to 188 countries with more than 32 million confirmed cases. Lockdowns and other measures to try to stop the virus spreading have thrown many economies into recession.   Meanwhile, efforts to develop an effective vaccine4 are continuing - although the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the death toll5 could hit two million before one is widely available.   The US has the world's highest death toll with about 205,000 fatalities6 followed by Brazil on 141,700 and India with 95,500 deaths.
1 tally      n.计数器,记分,共同,丈量;vt.核算,记载,使共同;vi.核算,记分,共同 参阅例句:
  • Don't forget to keep a careful tally of what you spend.别忘了细心记下你的开支账目。
  • The facts mentioned in the report tally to every detail.陈述中所说到的现实都丝毫不差。
2 milestone      n.里程碑;划时代的事情 参阅例句:
  • The film proved to be a milestone in the history of cinema.现实证明这部影片是电影史上的一个里程碑。
  • I think this is a very important milestone in the relations between our two countries.我以为这是咱们两国关系中一个十分重要的里程碑。
3 savageness      天然,粗野 参阅例句:
  • Judy: That was a time of savageness and chauvinism. 那是个充满着粗野和沙文主义的时代。
  • The coastline is littered with testaments to the savageness of the waters. 海岸线上充满了海水暴虐往后的凌乱东西。
4 vaccine      n.牛痘苗,疫苗;adj.牛痘的,疫苗的 参阅例句:
  • The polio vaccine has saved millions of lives.脊髓灰质炎疫苗挽救了数以百万计的生命。
  • She takes a vaccine against influenza every fall.她每年秋季接种流感疫苗。
5 toll      n.过路(桥)费;丢失,伤亡人数;v.敲(钟) 参阅例句:
  • The hailstone took a heavy toll of the crops in our village last night.昨夜那场冰雹损坏了咱们村的庄稼。
  • The war took a heavy toll of human life.这次战役夺去了许多人的生命。
6 fatalities      n.恶性事故( fatality的名词复数 );逝世;致命性;命运 参阅例句:
  • Several people were injured, but there were no fatalities. 有几个人受伤,但没有人逝世。
  • The accident resulted in fatalities. 那宗意外道致多人逝世。 来自《简明英汉词典》

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