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  The European Commission urged EU members states Thursday to better explain and enforce social distancing and hygiene1 rules to halt a dangerous new wave of coronavirus infections.   欧盟委员会本周四敦促欧盟各成员国更好地解说和履行交际间隔和卫生规矩,以阻挠新的一波风险的新冠病毒感染。   Health commissioner2 Stella Kyriakides said: "In some member states, the situation is now even worse than during the peak in March. This is a real cause for concern.   "All member states need to roll out measures immediately and at the right time at the very first sign of potential new outbreaks."   Europe has now had more than five million coronavirus cases, and several countries have begun reimposing local lockdown rules to head off a return to uncontrolled spread.   The death rate has not returned to the levels seen earlier this year, but cases of new infections are soaring once again in many areas.   Eight major cities in France including Paris will see new restrictions3, including limitations on public gatherings4 to 10 people and earlier closing hours for bars.   The Madrid region, the heart of an explosion of infections in Spain, has already locked down roughly 850,000 people.   On Thursday, Germany reported 2,143 new cases and 19 more deaths, according to the disease control agency Robert Koch Institute.   As a result, Munich -- Germany's third-largest city -- has made face masks compulsory5 in some busy outdoor spaces and is considering a targeted alcohol ban.   Germany also this week added a slew6 of popular destinations, including Copenhagen, Dublin and the United Arab Emirates, to its list of foreign locations that require travellers to self-isolate or get tested when returning to Germany.   But Kyriakides, whose office has sought to coordinate7 the response across the 27 member states, warned that some areas had clearly begun to lift restrictions too soon.   "What this means, to be very clear, is that the control measures taken have simply not being effective enough or not being enforced or followed as they should have been," she said.   "We cannot lower our guard. This crisis is not behind us. Moreover, winter is the time of the year for more respiratory illnesses, including seasonal8 influenza9."   And she warned: "Today we're here to call on everyone to act decisively... it might be our last chance to prevent a repeat of last spring."
1 hygiene      n.健康法,卫生学 (a.hygienic) 参阅例句:
  • Their course of study includes elementary hygiene and medical theory.他们的课程包含根底卫生学和医疗常识。
  • He's going to give us a lecture on public hygiene.他要给咱们作关于公共卫生方面的陈述。
2 commissioner      n.(政府厅、局、处等部分)专员,长官,委员 参阅例句:
  • The commissioner has issued a warrant for her arrest.专员发出了对她的逮捕令。
  • He was tapped for police commissioner.他被任命为警务处长。
3 restrictions      束缚( restriction的名词复数 ); 控制; 约束要素; 带约束性的条件(或规矩) 参阅例句:
  • I found the restrictions irksome. 我对那些约束感到很烦。
  • a snaggle of restrictions 乱七八糟的种种约束
4 gatherings      集合( gathering的名词复数 ); 收集; 收集; 收集 参阅例句:
  • His conduct at social gatherings created a lot of comment. 他在交际聚会上的体现引起许多闲话。
  • During one of these gatherings a pupil caught stealing. 有一次,其间一名弟子偷盗被捉住。
5 compulsory      n.强制的,必修的;规矩的,责任的 参阅例句:
  • Is English a compulsory subject?英语是必修课吗?
  • Compulsory schooling ends at sixteen.责任教育至16岁停止。
6 slew      v.(使)旋转;n.很多,许多 参阅例句:
  • He slewed the car against the side of the building.他的车滑到了大楼的一侧,抵住了。
  • They dealt with a slew of other issues.他们处理了很多的其他问题。
7 coordinate      adj.平等的,和谐的;n.平等者;vt.协作,和谐 参阅例句:
  • You must coordinate what you said with what you did.你有必要使你的言行一致。
  • Maybe we can coordinate the relation of them.或许咱们能够谐和他们之间的联系。
8 seasonal      adj.时节的,时节性的 参阅例句:
  • The town relies on the seasonal tourist industry for jobs.这个乡镇依托时节性旅游业供给就业机会。
  • The hors d'oeuvre is seasonal vegetables.餐前小吃是应时蔬菜。
9 influenza      n.流行性感冒,流感 参阅例句:
  • They took steps to prevent the spread of influenza.他们采纳办法
  • Influenza is an infectious disease.流感是一种流行症。

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