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  Captive breeding of 45 types of wild animals, including bamboo rats, will be phased out by the end of this year, the National Forestry1 and Grassland2 Administration said.   国家林草局表明,关于竹鼠等45种野生动物,要在年末前逐渐中止养殖活动。   确需适量保留种源(for the purpose of keeping the species alive)用于科学研究等非食用性意图的,要充沛证明工作方案的可行性,并严厉实行相关手续。   Another 19 wild animals, including hedgehogs, guinea pigs, nutrias and cobras, will be allowed to be raised for species protection, scientific study, medical use and the pet industry, but stricter regulation of farming and quarantine inspections3 will be required.   The decision has made it clear that all wildlife on the protection list of the existing Wild Animal Protection Law or other laws, and all terrestrial wildlife, including those artificially bred and farmed, are banned from consumption.   关于鸽、兔等人工养殖、使用时间长、技能老练,人民群众已广泛承受的人工养殖的动物(farm-raised animals),决议规则,列入畜禽遗传资源目录的动物,归于牲畜家禽(under the category of poultry4 and livestock),适用畜牧法的规则。
1 forestry      n.森林学;林业 参阅例句:
  • At present, the Chinese forestry is being at a significant transforming period. 当时, 我国的林业正处于一个严重的转机时期。
  • Anhua is one of the key forestry counties in Hunan province. 安化县是湖南省要点林区县之一。
2 grassland      n.草场,草地,草原 参阅例句:
  • There is a reach of grassland in the distance.远处是绵绵一片的草原。
  • The snowstorm swept the vast expanse of grassland.暴风雪突击了广阔的草原。
3 inspections      n.查看( inspection的名词复数 );查验;观察;审阅 参阅例句:
  • Regular inspections are carried out at the prison. 常常有人来观察这座监狱。
  • Government inspections ensure a high degree of uniformity in the standard of service. 政府查看保证了在服务规范方面的高度一致。 来自《简明英汉词典》
4 poultry      n.家禽,禽肉 参阅例句:
  • There is not much poultry in the shops. 商店里禽肉不太多。
  • What do you feed the poultry on? 你们用什么饲料喂食家禽?

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